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As the professional freight forwarder approved by National Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economy, we are also a National Class-A forwarder and a member of China International Freight Forwarders Association as well. We have over 300 staff, advanced and complete computerization and communication system. We have 8 domestic subsidiaries, including branches and offices, with the head office in Tianjin.

"The Professional Consolidation” features our characteristics, and “the worldwide trade lanes” is our advantage. As to export business, we have services from Xingang to more than 100 throughout the world covering thousands of ports and inland destinations, with 2-3 sailings per week or even more to base ports. Besides we add direct weekly sailings to non-basis ports, which can save the transshipment and the transit time. Under such circumstances, this will ensure our customers to enjoy the most reasonable and efficient service. As for import business, we have already established dozens of routes from global main ports to Xingang, we can receive shipments from thousands of city and ports in the world. Meanwhile, we run direct import service from Hamburg to Beijing, such formalities as switching D/O, Customs declaration, taking delivery, and so on, can be fulfilled in Beijing all at once. Thus, simple and convenient customs clearance procedure is provided to Beijing's clients. In this way, it will be extremely convenient for clients to make bookings from overseas and in Xingang, our overseas agents will provide the same excellect service as us.

We possess the powerful and strict operation system, professional personnel with high qualification and rich experience, expensive and advanced computer processing system. We have staff allotted specially in charge of quotation, receiving booking, documentation, offering transshipment information, cargo tracking, customs clearance, cargo collection and trucking, etc. Furthermore we are connected with warehouses, the Customs Authorities, branch offices, and overseas agents by computer and internet. In addition the management group closely pay attention to the whole operation, monitoring all the procedure in order to meet the international operation standard and avoid any potential problems. In October, 2001, we were granted the ISO9001:2000 attestation of international quality system from British Standard Institution. We are the first freight forwarder whose bill of lading has been insured, which ensure that the cargo can arrive in destinations promptly and safely once received in our operation system. Meanwhile, in order to perfect our operation, we took the lead in registration our own billing of lading at FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) in U.S.A. in June, 2000, which could be issued for all the cargo destined for U.S.A., facilitating the documentation and finance settlement for customers. In August, 2002, we got the Chinese NVOCC (non vessel operation common carriers) licence, and then our bill of lading were registered in both FMC in U.S.A. and Ministry of Communications in China.We are awarded with the 5 Grand Prixes of China freight transportation industry, exactly, the NO.1 freight forwarder in comprehensive service, export service, import service, warehousing service and information technology service through public-opinion poll. We can render excellent sale services to customers by way of sufficient equipments including 200 telephone lines, 10 fax lines, more than 100 cell phones, advanced internet facilities, accessible website (, to maintain our communication with customers always in good order.

In order to meet the requirements of import and export consolidation, we have rented 5 standard container yards and warehouses at Tianjin Port. The total warehouse capacity is 30000 square meters, and the total container yards capacity is 100000 square meters. Particularly our export warehouses extend the working time regulated by Tianjin Port, giving convenience to those cargo delivered from remote places. On the other hand, our import warehouse was inhabited by our staff all the time, granting expedience to the timely communication between customers and warehouses, enabling us to serve customers better.

We have 2 branches and 6 offices domestically, and have business relationships with more than 500 agents all over the world.. The strong agent network make it possible for customers to feel our service whensoever and wheresoever. We always regard our customers as the God and our reputation as life, cling to the motto as "customers are supreme and service is paramount" by offering high qualified consolidation service.

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